Welcome to the peasant's pantry


The Peasant's Pantry is a café and delicatessen located in Sawyer, MI, and features enticing cuisine available for both dine-in and carry-out.  Our deli offers some of the finest meats and cheeses available as well as a variety of prepared foods.


The Team


Michael Faltum

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Michael Faltum’s family was full of exceptional home cooks and through them he learned the basics of European cuisine, including the French classics.  Michael graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia, and later received his master’s degree in history from Loyola University in Chicago.  Michael went on to become a historian while working as a Director of Compliance for HIPAA and health care policy.  All the while, Michael desired a return to cooking.

Michael began hosting lavish dinner parties for friends and family where he strengthened his culinary skills and technique.  Soon, Michael started catering private events and after three years, The Peasant’s Pantry was born.  As a frequent visitor to the Harbor Country area, Michael is excited to bring his family’s recipes and impeccable hospitality to Sawyer, Michigan. 

For Michael, The Peasant’s Pantry is a labor of love.  Very few could match his passion for food and entertaining and he’s excited to share that passion with southwest Michigan.  Michael believes the goal of The Peasant’s Pantry isn’t just to become a success in the food industry, but also to become a part of the community.  As one receives more in life, the longer their table should be.